25,000 New West Health Services Customer Information Compromised

An employee of New West Health Services recently had a laptop stolen, which contains personal and medical information of up to 25,000 current and former customers.  The information in the database includes name, addresses, drivers license numbers, some social security numbers and possibly banking, credit card and medical information.

At this point, there is no evidence that the data has been used improperly.  While New West declined to report approximately how many of it’s customers could be part of this breach, indications are that it my involve up to 25,000.

Based on a forensic investigation, New West says it believes the laptop contained:

• Customers’ names, addresses and, in certain instances, driver’s license numbers and Social Security numbers or Medicare claim numbers.

• It “may have also contained” information relating to some customers’ payment of Medicare premiums. That information includes electronic funds transfer information (bank account number, account holder name, account type and bank routing number) or credit card information (card holder name, credit card account number, expiration date and the card’s CVV number).  Read more about this medical database breach on Helenair.com

New West customers who receive letters advising them of the possibility that their information may have been part of the data breach should take steps to protect themselves.  This includes obtaining a letter from the insurance company if any of their information has been used, seen or stolen by unauthorized persons.  Setting up at least one year of paid credit monitoring, funded by the company or agency involved in the breach.