Possible Dell Data Breach Being Reported

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Credit: REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad

It appears that there may be another major data breach in the works. It’s being reported that many Dell customers are claiming to have been contacted by scammers who knew personal identifiable information that was part of a Dell database.  So far Dell is claiming that it has not bee hacked or breached but has no explanation for the possible stole data.

From our perspective, this sounds like a possible new twist on an old trick.  Scammers have been contacting windows users for years, acting as support techs who have “detected a problem” with the persons PC.  They give steps to “fix the problem” and the scammers then get remote access to their computers.  Installing ransomware, malware and even locking the victims out of their computers.  Then, to add insult to injury, they send a large bill for the tech support.

If you ever receive an unsolicited call from a computer or software company, do the right thing and hang up immediately.

As far as this possible Dell data breach is concerned, we will wait for a more in depth response in coming days.  But don’t be surprised if they release a statement confirming a full blown data breach scenario.  Protect yourself today with credit monitoring & id theft protection.

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