The Equifax Complete Advantage Plan

Of the three main credit bureaus, Equifax is the largest as well as the oldest. It has over seven thousand employees in fourteen different countries. Equifax collects and maintains credit records for approximately four hundred million individuals and businesses.

Every individual is entitled to one free credit report per year but the report does not show your credit score. There are a number of ways you can obtain a free credit score; sign up for a credit monitoring service. Most of these services offer some type of free trial and as long as you cancel within the trial period, you will be able to obtain your credit score along with your credit report for free.

With your paid subscription to Equifax credit reporting services, you will have the Equifax credit watch. This service constantly monitors all activity on your credit report, allow members to obtain credit reports, credit scores and set credit locking settings.

Equifax also offers security freeze protection in case you feel as if your identity has been compromised or stolen. This freeze prevents information on your credit report from being shared with others and makes it almost impossible for anybody using your name to apply for any type of credit.

Equifax offers three paid membership plans

The Equifax Complete Advantage Plan gives you:

-Comprehensive monitoring of key changes from all three credit reporting agencies as well as unlimited access to your credit score from Equifax
-Get all three credit bureau credit scores once every twelve months
-Track your credit score and see how it changes
-Get up to $25,000 in Identity Theft Protection

The Equifax Complete Premier Plan not only monitors your credit, it helps protect your identity as well. Included with this plan is:

-Help with cancelling and reissuing credit and debit cards, checkbooks and travelers checks
-Help with cancelling and reissuing passports, visas and immigration documents
-Help with cancelling and reissuing id cards, driver’s licenses, social security cards and military id cards
-See all three credit bureau scores once every twelve months
-Get 24/7 monitoring and alerts of key changes to all three credit files (learn more at
-Unlimited access to your Equifax credit score
-Helps detect possible identity theft with Equifax’s automatic fraud alert feature
-Get up to $1,000,000 in Identity Theft Insurance

Equifax Scorewatch

Use Equifax’s Score Watch feature to get your FICO score, see interest rates that you are likely to receive and track your score so you can choose when to receive alerts. The higher your FICO score, the lower interest rates you will receive on a loan; making monthly payments lower. With Score Watch you get:

-A full FICO score twice a year
-Set a target score and receive an alert when it changes
-Daily monitoring of your Equifax credit report via email or mobile alerts
-Find out how lenders will see you and what interest rates will apply to you
-Customer service available seven days a week

Choosing any of the three subscription services that Equifax has to offer will give you access to your credit report and score as well as offering fraud and identity theft protection all with one company.